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About Deborah 'Ardell' Hill

picture of deborah 'ardell' hill I am a Master at Reflexology and a student of bodywork, humble and willing to experience and share as often as possible!

I have been offering bodywork to clients for over 20 years. I am always amazed at the space that can be created for new experiences; deepening of breath work, letting go of tension held in muscles, tendons and tissue, and the feeling of being held, nurtured and care for. I feel the process when I ask 'how can I assist you today?' I set my intention to offer what I image the client is asking for, and so far, most clients walk away feeling changed from the inside out and usually for the better!!

My initial training in bodywork began with Reflexology. My teacher was trained in the linage of Joseph Graziano who was a contemporary of Eunice Ingham. I was encouraged to pursue bodywork because of a perceived 'gift of touch'. I trained under the Kollar method of massage and began my career at Canyon Ranch Resort in Tucson Arizona in October of 1983.

Since that time I have continued to study, practice and integrate a number of modalities into my treatment including; Reiki (Linda Richards), Jin Shin Jyutsu (Mary Burmeister), Cranial-Sacral therapy (Jim Asher), Shiatsu and Tai Chi (Augustine Fong), Herbology (Pam Hyde-Nakai), Five element theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine (Desert Institute of Healing Arts), and LaStone Therapy (Mary Nelson).

On the spiritual side of my work, I was a 'lone wolf' for a number of years. By the mid-nineties, it became apparent to me that the time of the lone wolf had ended, and I began following Jo Dunning's Expanded Heart Works, which opened many doors for me and inspired the book, Spiritual Reflexology: Spiritual Gifts of the Body.

In 1999 I became a committed follower of an organization whose purpose is to help raise the consciousness of the planet, by helping all of those who can hear the call in their hearts to find and fulfill their life mission. In The Way of the Heart with founders Daniel Goodenough, Kimberly Herkert and Eduardo Parra, I have found my spiritual family.

I am now in private practice in Oakland, CA, offering Esalen massage, Deep Tissue massage, addressing injury and chronic pain issues with warm and cool stones. Also supporting clients with lymphatic massage and Reflexology.

60 minute massage $95
90 minute massage $130
*Zynga Employee special take $20 off cost of session.
Extra fee for out-calls.